The Old Dairy

We decided to visit a pub to watch the Wimbledon final last week (with Federer vs Djokovic), and walked over to The Old Dairy N4, a local. Our overall experience was more than pleasant, with a huge screen dropping down to show the tennis on. To start with we got bloody marys, which were very good (not as good as St John’s Tavern) but came with a nice rim of sea salt.


Then for food, he got the roast beef with all the trimmings and I got pan-fried sea bream with sun-dried tomatoes, potatoes and some other stuff.

IMG_7384 IMG_7383Everything was delicious! We got some more drinks for the meal, Guinness and steam lager (highly recommendable). A few hours later I got some ice cream, which was tasty too. There was a rain break in the tennis so we made our way home, forgetting that as we live in London, if it rains in Wimbledon it is likely to also be raining in Holloway.


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