Every Japanese (and most non-Japanese) person I know says that Asakusa is their favourite restaurant. I was far too excited to go, and we made a booking for a Thursday night at 7pm. When we got there the ground floor was nearly full but we went downstairs which was a bit quieter and calmer. I immediately noticed that the restaurant SMELT like Japan. How do they do this? Anyway it was a very nostalgic, compounded by the retro posters on the walls and the kimono-wearing waitresses. The menu is extensive, and it took a while to decide what to order. To drink we got two Asahi black which, if you haven’t tried it, is much better than regular Asahi. To start we got unagi tamago, simply because I think I saw someone had recommended it on TripAdvisor (not that you should listen to what anybody says on there…) IMG_6284 It was delicious! Like seriously so good. Japanese omelette (which is sweet) filling with eel and drizzled with unagi sauce (similar to teriyaki). For mains I got a sashimi set, which came with a bowl of rice and pickles, whilst he got the chirashi. The fish was good quality, as to be expected. FullSizeRender IMG_6285 So good. I really want to go again and sample more of the hot food. Service was very pleasant and the food came relatively quickly. I think Asakusa is now my favourite Japanese restaurant too.

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