HIX Soho

I think I first heard about the HIX restaurants from a Munchies Vice film which featured the chefs, and it seemed like an interesting place to go for a pre-Valentines day dinner. Looking at the menus before, the cocktails particularly caught my eye and I was excited to sample one.



The place is pretty fancy when you go in, with Damien Hirst “artwork” hanging down from the ceiling (I’m not much of a fan). We waited for our table to be ready at the bar, and sampled a cocktail. The bartender was an interesting character, and showed some other customers a slab of raw beef which, despite being a vegetarian, excited me for the meal to come. I don’t actually remember the drinks we ordered, but they were delicious, especially the piece of candied blood orange which came on top of mine.


Once seated, we ordered the pork crackling and a carafe of the house red wine. The cracking was apparently good, and I enjoyed the bramley apple sauce that came with it. I then ordered the cod cheek curry and he got steak tartare, and kale to share. The curry was delicious, and came in a stove apparatus with basmati rice on the side. The steak tartare came with fries as well. The kale was amazing and drenched in butter.



Overall the experience was fun, and not bad value for money in my opinion. Our waitress was very nice and service was professional. A great place for that special meal out!

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