I am a sucker for a deal, and lunch deals at upmarket Japanese restaurants are actually pretty decent. Deciding between Gochisou and Matsuri St. James was pretty difficult, but we went for the former and were not disappointed. We arrived at around 3pm, and were seated at the sushi bar with a few other customers. To drink we got a bubble tea, which quite a few customers came in to order for takeaway, and green tea. There are a few lunch deals to choose from, all very good value with salad and miso soup. The salad came with goma dare sesame dressing, which is always delicious, and the miso soup was very nice too. I got the sashimi set, whilst he got the chirashi. It was particularly enjoyable to watch the sushi chef at work, and chat with him a little bit. The fish was delicious, and perhaps the best I have had in London – the butterfish was a pleasant surprise. The salmon was so tasty I could feel tears forming in my eyes, however dramatic that sounds.


If I remember correctly the sashimi set was around £17, including a bowl of rice. For the quality of the fish I think this is excellent value for money and worth splashing out on.

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