Shake Lobster Deli

As a third year student and part-time waitress, a free Saturday is a rare treasure, and I was not going to let the gaping hole where my wisdom tooth once was stop me from drooling soup out of the side of my mouth in public.

Smack Lobster Deli, owned by the same people as the brilliantly simple Burger & Lobster (expensive burger or cheap lobster?), is a welcoming addition to the bright yellow Selfridges bags of Bond Street. The menu is written on the wall and features four varieties of lobster brioche buns: Happy Ending, California, Mexican and Seven Samurai (all £9.00), along with courgette fries (£3.60), lobster chowder (£4.80) and whole lobster (£12). As with Burger & Lobster, they succeed at doing one thing very well. There are two floors of dimly lit uncomfortable seating, which were not particularly busy for a Saturday lunchtime. We took our lobster chowder and California lobster roll downstairs and found a place to perch. I noticed a bar in the corner, which served Siren craft beers, in keeping with their underwater mermaid décor.


Anyway the important point – the food. My soup was delicious and creamy, with generous chunks of lobster, celery and potato that I was just about able to chew.


I spent most of the time staring at the lobster bun with envy – it looked delicious.

DSC00933I desperately need to go back to try one myself. For dessert we got ice cream: salted caramel, ginger spice and double chocolate are amongst the flavours on offer.


By now I was feeling quite claustrophobic in the submarine-esque basement, so we went up for some fresh air.

Smack Deli on Urbanspoon


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