Freud is one of those places I don’t want other people to find out about. Tucked away in a basement in Covent Garden, it is normally packed on a Friday or Saturday night, but with a welcomed lack of tourists. It is the definition of cool: slick bartenders throwing cocktail shakers in the air, a faint beat of techno music in the background and regularly changing artwork on the concrete walls.

The menu has this style:


And so it is easy to find a drink you want, depending on what spirit/flavours you want.

My personal favourites are:

  • Chinese lantern (lychee liquor, peach liquor, midori, grenadine, apple, bitter lemon, glace cherry)
  • Acapulco (tequila, tia maria, dark rum, coconut, pineapple)

They also serve Meantime beer, one of my favourites. The prices are pretty standard for cocktails in London £6-£10 (the prices in the photo are old I think.

IMG_4099I can never get a good photo of the cocktails due to the lighting and not wanting to embarrass myself by using flash.


Some of the artwork they’ve had. I think during the day it has more of a cafe vibe, but I am yet to visit other than for an evening cocktail. Seating is limited, so if you want to be comfy you need to get there early.

Freud on Urbanspoon


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