Jin Kichi


After a pleasant evening walk through Hampstead Heath we needed dinner. Dojo came to the rescue yet again. It suggested Jin Kichi, a secluded Japanese restaurant “perfect for catching up over some sake”. Unfortunately I forgot to see how many £ signs were next to the name. It was probably a lot.

To start: house hot sake, edamame (£3.90) and two miso shiru (£2.60). Then the sashimi set (around £15), I think we were expecting more than this.


However it was the kind of sashimi that makes you cry a little bit with happiness when you eat it, it’s that good. I then ordered ume & shiso hosomaki (around £3) – amazing, and spicy tuna inside out rolls (£7.20) – less amazing, but still good. He got a bowl of rice with the sashimi and some skewers, which Jin Kichi are known for: yakitori (£1.80) and torikawa (£2.60).


Delicious food, I should just wait until I’m earning enough money to be living in Hampstead before I can eat at places like this, then I will be able to truly enjoy it.

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