So I wrote this post and the scheduled draft seems to have disappeared, and I can’t quite be bothered to write it properly again. Anyway long story short: Dad visiting London to go to museums which are in South Ken – I hate SW London so don’t know anywhere to have lunch – use trusty Dojo – find Tombo.

Interior: white/clean/minimalist/new-age Japanese. Staff: attentive/ex-colleagues. Food: healthy/clean like the interior/pretty damn good.

To start we had tap water (£0) and edamame (£2.95) which strangely comes under tapas. For mains, I got the no carb bento box with sashimi (£10.55) and my dad got the katsudon (£8.95). Now the rice is really interesting here, called healthy rice, and it contains millet, quinoa and amaranth. Normally I would disagree with such alterations of the classic rice staple but it actually improves the flavour of the rice. Or maybe that’s their secret for not being able to make decent rice.

IMG_5751I really like the bowl and spoon the katsudon came with.

IMG_5752The side salads were very nice, the hijiki being my favourite. The sashimi was strangely served with lime, which started to cook the salmon like ceviche. I didn’t mind though as it still tasted nice and my beloved maguro was safe.

Dessert: large hot matcha soy latte (£4.20) and a pink daifuku with azuki filling (£3.50) for my dad. I secretly wanted the matcha soft serve ice cream and actually all the deserts and drinks, as they are flavoured with matcha or azuki, my favourite things.

IMG_5754The matcha latte was not overpoweringly sweet, which makes a pleasant change. There was a good strong matcha flavour. I assume the daifuku was nice, my dad is quite a quiet character and doesn’t tend to comment on the food and instead just eats it. I wish more people were like him actually.

Tombo on Urbanspoon


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