The Spoke

Having moved into our new neighbourhood, I was excited to explore our potential new hangouts. First up was The Spoke, a bicycle themed cafe/burger place/restaurant/bar that was filled with Macbook pro chargers and babies, my two nemeses. Brunch seemed a good time to go, despite the bright winter’s sun blinding us. First up coffee: an americano (£1.95) and a latte (£2.45). They took ages to arrive but were good standard coffees. The problem is that good coffee (and equally awful coffee) is far too easy to find in London, so you don’t really appreciate it as much.

IMG_5659The selection of drinks was good, with some expensive juices available as well.

So the food. I got poached eggs (actually egg, but should have been eggs), smoked salmon, avocado and sourdough. It was decent, but I was aware of the fact that I could probably make it at home, and I did a few days later. He got the full english (£8.20): the beans were good (I tried them) and tasted homemade. Again, not much different to a something you could make at home.

IMG_5660I feel I am being harsh on this place, as I did read somewhere that it is the only decent cafe in Holloway, which I agree with in the sense that it is the only Highbury & Islington gentrified style cafe around. However it is slightly overpriced and service is very slow. They do some kind of burger deal on Mondays and Tuesdays so I will have to make another visit, as they offer Camden Pale Ale (one of my favourite beers, ashamedly).


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