Eat Tokyo

So we were on our way to Koya (best noodles in London), after deciding to not got to Ippudo. Or did I want Korean food? Anyway wandering through Soho we came across Eat Tokyo. I have eaten here before and yes it is a chain “””authentic”””? Japanese place like all the others. But the prices seemed to good to be true and it had just opened (where Bincho yakitori used to be, I later drunkenly learnt). The place is huge, and reasonably full for a late weekday lunch. The sushi chef was Japanese, which is always a good sign, and the waitresses were wearing kimonos (haha). Green tea, a pint of asahi, miso soup and edamame to start. The menu was enormous as well, making it very difficult to decide. I got ika natto and garisaba:

IMG_5698Marinated mackerel is my favourite fish. The combination with shiso leaves is brilliant and I really loved this dish. He got something called a stamina don (I think) which was chu toro over rice, with pickles etc. The fish was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

IMG_5714Looking over at the table next to us, I wished I got some sushi rolls. Anyway there’s always next time. I feel like this is a good backup option to have for Japanese food – it’s nothing amazingly special but the food is very well priced and tasty.

Luckily for me there was a next time! At the branch in Notting Hill, I got to try some of the rolls: natto, plum/cucumber and tuna/cucumber. They were delicious; Eat Tokyo has to be one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in London, they have the balance between food quality and price perfect.


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