Kirazu is an authentic Japanese “tapas” restaurant, where the limited seating and quality of the food make you feel lucky to be there. The decor of the restaurant is traditional, and we sat at the window bench where we had the ideal position to people watch those out and about in Soho, one of my favourite hobbies. Service was nothing special, and you just tick a box on a sheet to indicate which dishes you would like (in typical antisocial Japanese style (as I am half Japanese I am allowed to say this)). I tried the Owa beer for the first time, it is a Japanese lager brewed in Belgium. Despite being hungover (it was a Sunday evening), the beer tasted nice, and so it should for £6 per bottle. However the price of alcohol, food, rent, cinema tickets and pretty much anything you can think of in London is already a well discussed topic and I will not dwell into it any further. To start we got takoyaki (£3.50), as it was a decided weekend of takoyaki indulgence. These were better than the ones we had the previous day, but probably deep fried from frozen as is the norm nowadays (apologies if I am mistaken). Then the karaage (£4) for him and steamed prawn dumplings (£4) for me, the pescatarian.

IMG_5522The dumplings were really really really good. And as a self confessed addict of frozen 40 pack Ha Kauws, I really know my prawn dumplings. Presentation was good and apparently the karaage was too. Finally I got the octopus carpaccio which was a special (£?) and nigiri set, which I think was 4 or 5 nigiri for about £7.

IMG_5520There was a wasabi flavoured dressing with cress and nori – wasabi and octopus are a classic combination so the result was delicious.

Overall I would recommend Kirazu if you want some authentic Japanese food, but make sure you either book in advance or are willing to wait, and keep in mind its not the place for your romantic first date where you want to impress her with your apparent passion for yellowtail sashimi and (no) knowledge of sake.

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