Franco Manca

Finally after months of enduring the hype surrounding Franco Manca and spending hours (minutes) watching people devouring sourdough pizzas in Brixton Market, I was finally able to sample one myself. I am controversially not the biggest fan of neither Italian food nor carbs, so pizza would not be my first choice of dinner. However with prices starting from £4.50 its hard to resist this hype, and the long queue when we arrived only confirmed that surely this must be good pizza (or are we all just mind-washed cogs in the machine that is London, consuming shit coffee and shit food and making everyone else do the same through the devil that is social media?).

Moving on, due to our willingness to be at a table outside we were able to skip the queue and were swiftly seated. To start: Aperol Spritz and olives. I wanted to try the NO LOGO craft beer (£3.20) but unfortunately the pale ale was out of stock. As I dislike cheese I chose the number (1) which is tomato, garlic and oregano (£4.50). Of course with extra toppings of artichoke and spinach. Here is the result:

IMG_5527The toppings were meagre but what can you expect for a 12 inch pizza for the normal price of a juice? Everything tasted good and I especially loved the crust, as I love slightly charred food. The olives were nice too, of course. I was only able to finish half, so got the rest in a doggy bag. I realised afterwards what an inconvenience a pizza box can be when you’re slightly drunk so gave it to a homeless man with no appreciation. Never mind.

All in all, a great restaurant for any occasion but you will have to queue and no, they don’t take bookings. But you can get takeaway, which I assume is just as nice.

One Sunday my friends and I ventured over to London Fields for a picnic in the park, and I was delighted to discover that Franco Manca have a branch there. We picked up some takeaway pizzas and enjoyed them in the sun with a beer.


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